Facebook – Mini-Masterclass

The Mysteries and Frustrations of Facebook Explained.  I, like many of my contemporaries had become frustrated by Facebook; we signed up to see family photos, make contact with friends and get a bit of fun from other people’s posts.  Little did we know there are technological reasons as to why we see less and less of what we want to see and more and more of what we don’t want to see.  Our talk, last week (16th August), by Gary Ennis from NSDesign, entitled Facebook – Mini-Masterclass took us on a fascinating, factual and light hearted look at the benefits of Facebook, together with explaining many things about which we had no idea, but which affect our effective use of the platform.

We didn’t know:

  • Facebook is one of 18 or so Social Media opportunities with over 2 billion users daily
  • Two thirds of the UK population are Facebook users
  • The UK demographics focus on the older age ranges

We now know:

  • Due to the Facebook algorithm, our posts only reach about 10% of our ‘friends’
  • Facebook has targeted advertising when we thought it is just for Family, friends, and fun
  • There are strategies to beat the algorithm!  At this point our eyes lit up.

This informative and fascinating talk now means that we will become better personal users and also know how to go about setting up our own Largs Probus Facebook page and using it effectively.  Thank you Gary!

The next meeting is on 30th August in the Willowbank Hotel at 10am when Malcolm Boyd will give a presentation about the Panama Canal. Men over the age of 50 who are retired, or nearing retirement, are welcome to join the Club by completing the Contact Form on this website.