Conspiracy Theories

Did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus because in his earlier days he was a freedom fighter and he thought Jesus would bring an army of angels down to defeat the Romans? At the Battle of Falkirk did Robert the Bruce really help the English army? Five of the defenders of the Alamo, including Davy Crockett, were Freemasons who favoured independence for Texas; did they hope that if they all died other States would support their bid?

Were the Communists involved in the burning down of the Reichstag or was it Hitler who wanted to outlaw them? Did Mary Queen of Scots really implicate herself in a plot to murder Elizabeth 1 through intercepted coded messages? These and other conspiracy theories were the subject of an extremely thought-provoking talk by Les McMahon to a recent meeting of Largs PROBUS Club. Speaking without notes, Les captivated the members with his wide knowledge of the subject, albeit he admitted he didn’t necessarily believe any of the conspiracies he spoke about. 

In proposing the vote of thanks, Ray Young drew Les’s attention to his own conspiracy theory that in 2022 the FA conspired to get Leicester City relegated by forcing them to play four consecutive games on a Monday night; everyone knows footballers are primed to play on a Saturday!

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