Club Holiday to Southport Part 2

Holiday Planner retires

Here’s Bernie and Irene starting to relax, just a little, at the end of our recent holiday in Southport. They spent most of their time ensuring that the rest of us had an enjoyable and safe time. No mean feat given our inability to conform to any norms. The Southport trip was the latest of many organised by Bernie with Irene’s invaluable help. We have been to St. Anne’s on Sea, twice, and Scarborough in recent years. If not for Covid, this list would be longer.

Many day trips have been enjoyed over the years. All organised by Bernie. If I had a better memory this list could be longer as well. We have had visits to South Queensferry to sail under the bridges. Our knowledge was expanded by a trip to The Burrell Collection. Many visits to Barrfields were taken to enjoy the Largs Amateur Operatic Society productions. We also saw the younger generation entertain us at Largs Academy on various occasions.

Sadly this was Bernie’s final trip as our Events Secretary. He has decided to hang up his holiday planner. His efforts will be missed. He has provided a varied programme over many years. Many members, wives  and friends will have lots of happy memories courtesy of Bernie’s hard work. So thanks Bernie (and Irene) for all these memories. Let’s hope that another member comes forward to continue this important role.

Chris Hoult