Club Holiday to Southport Part 1

Club members try their hand at Ten Pin Bowling
Whilst on the club’s annual holiday, this year in Southport, on a wet and windy afternoon, Wednesday 22nd May, 23 Probus members and friends played an exciting and fun filled game of Ten Pin Bowling at the Ocean Plaza Leisure Centre in Southport. Six taxis were required (££££?) to transport the players from the Prince of Wales Hotel to the Leisure Centre. 

The night before the players had been put into 4 teams, selected by picking numbers from 1 to 23 which were against their names.

The following are the teams and the scores of the players.

Team 1ScoresTeam 2Scores
Morrison Sutherland51Bill Weir64
Gerry Brown66Mary Gayle11
Bernie Rafferty58Roddy Eunson101
Allan Little103Irene Rafferty56
May Kerr27Iain Kerr80
Dan Hendry47John Gibson78
Team 3Team 4
Mike Jones37Tom Felvus 58
Cath Jones66Frank Scott66
Wilma Bain66Chris Hoult76
Trish Felvus28Margaret Hendry39
Mary Hoult33Linda Brown64
Moira Wilson69
Total299Total 303

The Winner with a score of 103 was Allan Little 

The Runner up with a score of 101 was Roddy Eunson.

The Team winners with a combined Score of 390  were Team 2

A great afternoon was enjoyed by all the players. A big Thank You to all those who took part.