Walk – Prophet’s Grave, Brisbane Glen

The walking group decided to stay local for this expedition, and under sunny skies (!) five intrepid ramblers, Roddy, Iain, Douglas, Bill and George,  assembled at the Lifeboat Station and then set off to walk to the Prophet’s Grave in Brisbane Glen.

Our route took us past the new sea wall construction works and round the outer path at the Aubrey boating pond, where the first sign of dissent in the ranks reared its ugly head, as one of the party pointed out that it would have been shorter to cut across the middle (obviously not familiar with Robert Louis Stevenson).

However ruffled feathers were quickly smoothed, rather appropriately as we passed this year’s swan’s nest, a dash across the A78 brought us to the peace of Barr Crescent, and then on to the verdant riverbank walk beside the Noddle Burn.

“Look out for the kingfisher” George said. Sadly, of kingfishers there were none, though we did see a dipper and some ducks.

We left the Largs city limits and meandered north along the Brisbane Glen Road where we encountered Poppy taking her man, Ray for a walk, and thus as a party of six men and a dog we found the secret gate which opened on to a grassy track leading down to the Prophet’s Grave, where we gathered and George prepared to impress the others with his knowledge of the history of the landmark.  Unfortunately they had all been on the internet……

For those who don’t know the story, the reverend William Smith’s dying prophecy after succumbing to the dreadful plague that had decimated the district in 1647, declared that should the branches of the two holly trees at the head and foot of the grave ever grow to touch each other, the pestilence would return. Don’t want to worry you, but they were touching.

After group photos (not sure how appropriate Poppy sitting on the grave is), we headed back towards Largs, taking the urban route back to the seafront, and after losing a few members along the way, three of us enjoyed a lunch at the Riviera, where whatever calories may have been burnt off were swiftly reinstated.

Our next excursion is planned for Thursday May 2nd, with a repeat of last year’s successful Circumnavigation of the Great Cumbrae. Put it in your diary.

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