Overcoming the Challenges of Old Age

In the absence of the scheduled Speaker two members of Probus spoke about their experiences in relation to moving house and broadcasting.

Chris Hoult spoke about helping his brother recently to move from a house he had lived in for some 50 years to a flat in Leeds. Chris advised that his brother had sight issues and his wife was deceased. The house he lived in was now totally unsuitable as it had steps everywhere and the garden was full of huts which had been used for cats as he and his wife had been keen members of the Cats Protection League. Fortunately, Chris’s brother had great support from his Church and ladies had been involved in designing a layout for the new flat, helping with decoration, etc. His brother had overcome a number of issues including learning how to operate a new cooker and these new skills were greatly to his benefit as he is now able to live unsupported and was enjoying his new flat. This showed that even in later life major changes can be coped with if there is a will to do so, and ready and willing help.