No Speaker, No Problem!

In the absence of the organised speaker, Norrie Hollywood stepped forward to give a very informative talk on his recent cataract operation, detailing how the eye defect had been spotted at his routine examinations by Specsavers and the urgency to get it rectified before it affected his ability to drive. Norrie referred to the difficulty of getting the operation done on the NHS due to the long waiting time from assessment to having the operation and his decision to get the operation done privately in Glasgow at a cost to himself. He described the operation, which was painless, and advised that following the operation his sight was excellent, particularly seeing colours, and he was driving within days.

Ray Young then read to the meeting a letter sent by David Hendry to Kate Adie regarding the alleged secret burial of some of the 379 crewmen who died on HMS Dasher, for which there was no evidence. Those who died were buried in Ardrossan or Greenock or returned to families at their request. Various possible causes have been suggested for the sinking of the Carrier, including one of her aircraft crashing onto the flight deck and igniting petrol fumes from leaking tanks, but David thought the Carrier travelling at speed with an overload of ballast could have led to the main engines exploding as another possible cause.

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